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Red-eared Firetail - Red IPA - 8.6%

The Red-eared Firetail is a tiny, shy, quiet, and rather unobtrusive bird, but this Red IPA is a big, outgoing, loud, and rather obtrusive beer. While foraging on the ground, this sweet little finch found caramel, dark toffee, citrus, pine, and a little earthiness. After a few of these beers, you too may be red in the cheeks.


Great Cormorant - Scotch Ale - 8.5%

Equally at home in Australia and Scotland, the Great Cormorant is the largest species of cormorant in Australia. So it's only fitting that this scotch ale would also be great in size, to do justice to this grand water bird. Dive in for the chewy caramel flavours, and don't come up for air until you've found what you're looking for.


little lorikeet - Lychee pale Ale - 6.2%

It’s no secret that the Little Lorikeet loves burying its tiny red face into fruit. After it’s gorged itself on sweet, juicy lychees, it might even share some with you—if you approach it slowly. Soak up the tropical fruit and piney bitterness, then move onto the next Little Lorikeet, because these birds are usually found in twos or threes.